random notes

first, the weather.
It’s early May, but still cold. There were some record-breaking warm days in April, but apparently it’s true what they say about Cleveland going from winter straight into summer. And I learned the other day that this is due to the lake warming up – then once it’s warm, it takes a while to cool down, so I’m hoping fall will be nice and long.

second, concerts.
I’ve only been to one show in the month or so that I’ve been living here, and it was a great one – I discovered a band that I’d previously only heard about (never listened to), The Apples in Stereo. They’ve been around for years, I think since 1992, and their new album is like a trip back in time, reminiscent of ELO, catchy and fun to sing along with. I went to see their opening act, Generationals, who are two talented guys with a girl drummer, from New Orleans; their album, Con Law, was my favorite release of 2009.

third, sports.
I’m still following the SF Giants in baseball, because, frankly, the Indians suck. Basketball, on the other hand, Cleveland does well – due to the Cavs being in the playoffs, I quickly became a fan and following the games in the paper (next season I’ll try to see one).

fourth, other activities.
It takes me a while, on purpose, to get used to new routines. So most days I drive to work, and then back to my apartment, and that’s it. It’s a fun drive, too, just over 7 miles each way. I’ve tried 3 different grocery stores, not counting Whole Foods, because I know what to expect there. I still have one or two more local chains to try, as well as find a farmer’s market and perhaps a food co-op.
On Cinco de Mayo I went to the Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood to have a margarita. It’s an upscale place, and so crowded I could only stand at the bar, but the drink was one of the best I’ve ever had and I can see myself going back for happy hour.

Until next time. Oh yeah, I love my job 🙂


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