House tours

Now that I have my dream job and plan on staying where I am for quite a while, my next dream involves real estate.  I’ve also always been interested in architecture, going back to at least the age of 10.  It will be a year or two before I’m ready to buy my first house, and until then I intend to immerse myself in the history of residential design and learn as much as I can about anything house and home related (obviously, I will have to get cable so I can watch HGTV!).

Today was my first adventure related to houses – an event sponsored by the Cleveland Artists Foundation called Cleveland Goes Modern III.  I got to see inside 2 wonderful examples of 1950s modern architecture, meet the home owners, and hear about how their renovations maintained the integrity of the original design and/or materials.  It also gave me a chance to explore a new area to the east of where I live – Mayfield Heights and Gates Mill (about a 20 minute drive).  Below are a few pictures of the houses:

Front, Carl Droppers designed, 1956

Back of above

close-up of fountain

2nd house, designed by Robert Little, 1952; view from back

pond situated behind where I was standing in above

look at all that glass! (all windows were replaced in the mid-1990s for energy efficiency)

The interiors of both homes were equally beautiful, but my photos did not turn out as well as those of the exteriors.  This was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I plan on going on more house tours this summer, as they seem to be a popular event around here.


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  1. stasia Says:

    I wish I could steal the following post, which has all sorts of great information about modern homes in Cleveland!

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